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 O F Installations, LLC. is an independently owned, fully serviced, commercial office furniture installation company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Our services include receiving, warehousing, delivery, servicing, project management, relocating, installation and reconfiguration of office furniture and cubicle workstations for commercial, government, military and hospitality facilities throughout Florida, the Southeast and US. Our clientele consists of commercial furniture dealerships, facilities managers, national and inter-market accounts for private corporations and government agencies. 

O F Installations, LLC.

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All of O F Installations installers will arrive in uniform, on time and ready to go.  

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We partner with our clients to provide professional and quality relocation and installations of cubicle workstations and office furniture. From the initial contact, conception, project management and installation, we ensure a project's success and timely completion. Our installers have passed background checks meeting requirements to perform installations for military and government institutions and satisfying the Lunsford Act for Duval County School Board. All employees carry valid State issued identification cards. In today's economy, we understand the need to complete a project efficiently and quickly, eliminating excessive downtime for the end user. Our uniformed installers are professional, courteous, trained and equipped to handle any situation that may arise on the job site. Each crew will have an experienced project coordinator as the client's point of contact. O F Installations, LLC. provides fair and competitive pricing for all size projects and cubicle installations.